Spiderman Homecoming

Marvel finally have their golden boy back in their¬†crew and so it is time to squeeze in a solo film for the world’s favorite web-slinger before he gets launched into space for Avengers Infinity War.

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Ratchet and Clank (PS4)

It’s time to swap gritty reality in favor for bright lights, lots of explosions and a bit of classic platforming. The 2016 HD reboot of Ratchet and Clank brings back great memories of the original game, with fun weapons, silly missions and more quips than a Marvel film.

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I’d like to share a piece of work I am very proud of. eAthletes is a radio documentary about the eSports industry. Taking a look at the impact it has on young gamers and the benefits and negatives extensive gaming can have on them.

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February Favourites

Being the shortest month of the year meant that this month¬†unsurprisingly¬†flew past me. It did this so quickly that I barely¬†had a chance to do anything. The result is a much shorter favourites¬†post, but really that’s probably best, January did go on a bit. If you want to check out last month just click here.

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January Favourites

I’ve been excited for 2017 for a while. It’s a big year for me personally, with finishing my University degree and going into the world of work (fingers crossed). However, what I was most excited for in the build-up to this year was the releases and events I knew were happening this year.

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Disneyland Paris- Sept 16

Last week I spent five days running around like an excited child, as my girlfriend and I had adventures in Disneyland Paris. It was truly an incredible week and one that I will not forget. Thought I’d just share with you all some of my personal highlights and some tips and tricks I picked up […]

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